Sightseeing suggestions in Meisenheim and surround (Meisenheim, Bad Kreuznach, Bad Münster am Stein - Ebernburg, Bad Sobernheim, Idar-Oberstein, Kirn, Kusel, Simmern) you will find here.

Meisenheim is located in the Nordwestpfälzer Bergland and put a spell on with the historical old township. Just do a walk around and look at the timbered houses, the old houses of titled landlords, the city fortification with old towers and especially the late gothic-style castle church.

Bad Kreuznach
The emblem of the health resort town - Bad Kreunznach - are the Houses on the bridge (timbered houses on the old Nahebridge). You can have a look into the different health establishments, walk along the salines and enjoy Wellness services.

Bad Münster am Stein - Ebernburg
Just cross the river with a manually operated boat to the Rock Rheingrafenstein. After approximately 30 minutes hiking up you will have a nice view over the city. In the "Kurmittelhaus" - a really beautiful timbered house - you will find three mineral springs. It is recommened to visit the "Ehrenburg" - a nice castle with a restaurant - having a lovely look on the red rocks, the steepest face northwards of the alps.

Bad Sobernheim
Bad Sobernheim has a old downtown with timbered houses and an 3,5 km long barefood track. On that track you will be walking e.g. through clay pools and balancing over timber tracks as well as a suspension bridge. If you want, you can also cross the river Nahe along robs. It's an adventure for the whole family.

Idar Oberstein is famous for the treasures of the earth - gemstones. In Europe´s onliest visitable gemstone mine (Steinkaulenberg) you will have a look onto the gemstone mining. In the German gemstone museum artworks made of gemstone are exhibited. In the "Edelstein Erlebniswelt" you will find a gemstone store.
Further visits are worthwhile on the castle Bosselstein, the castle Oberstein and a nice Church (Felsenkirche) within the rock.

The city Kirn was famous town for leather workmanship. Till this day there are still companies treating leather. Within an adminstration building there is an exibition showing the history and technics of treating leather. In the caste Kyrburg you will find one of Germany's biggest whisky collection.

The city Kusel is located within the heart of the so called "Musikantenland" within the beautiful area "Pfalz". There you are able to explore the landscape by handcars (Draisinen).

In the old homeland of the dukes of Simmern you are able to visit the tower (Schinderhannes-Turm) from where the famous robber (Schinderhannes) had been escaped. Located onto the steep rock in Simmern you should also have a look at the medieval convent buildings as well as the cathedral.